Staff Directory


Principal: Lakisha Jacobs

Assistant Principal IA: Robest Young Jr.


5th Grade

5C1/4C1: Melanie Pedicini

                 Extra Support: Keisha General 

5C4: Elaine Patterson

5C3: Kalifa Rose

5C2: Karen Conroy

5D9: Natasha Joseph

         Extra Support: Edna Reape    

5D1: Sabrina Singh

4th Grade

4C1: Eloise Nixon

4D2: Devorah Dua

4D1: Antonette Nicholas


3rd Grade

3C1: Paulette McKenzie-Cameron

3C2: Shanice Christian

3D2: Jacqueline Cooper-Timmons

         Comfert Huntley


2nd Grade

2C2: Jennifer Destio

2C1/0C1: Jennifer Chait

                 Extra Support: Linda King

2D1: Wendy Abraham

2D9: Samantha Pinckney


1st Grade

1C2: Laverne Rhoades

                 Sabine Jean-Walker

1D1: Dorrie Robinson



0C2: Ann Bristol

                 Extra Support: Marlene Potter

0D1: Julie Sequeira


Pre-K Teachers

PC1: Carole Blisko

                     Extra Support: Lorena Pena

PD1/PC2: Lorraine Marlow

           Extra Support: Carlotta Mack


Cluster Teachers

Physical Education/Health: Nanetta Smith

                                                Yvan Pierre-Louis

Music: Kenneth Murphy


School Based Support Team

Psychologist: Trianna Charles

Social Worker: Pamela Aupont

Guidance Counselor: Chad Jones

Family Worker: Rose Hylton

Occupational Therapy: Natalie Christian

Physical Therapy: Soyoung Han

Speech Teachers: Sofia Giannoutsos

                               Ricki Stabile

ENL Teacher: Kim Gahn


Support Staff

Parent Coordinator: Lydia Perez

School Secretary: Mattie Brister


Afterschool-NYJTL ACES

Site Director: Herlecia Owens


School Aides

Diane Sancho

Iesha Santana

Jacqueline Collins

Cecelia Maxwell

Charlotte Knight-Wells

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